Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Packages arrived

Today has been a good day. It has taken me several rewrites of this post, but here it is. My enhanced driver's license arrived today, courtesy of CSIS (the Canadian version of the CIA, in case you don't know). I was worried that it would not arrive before my bike ride to Seattle. This would have been a minor problem as one of the main reasons for me getting the card was for that trip across the border.

In short, it's smaller and more weather resistant than your typical passport document, something I didn't want to have to bring if not needed.

In addition to my EDL, a package also arrived from the Cancer Foundation - my check in kit, along with the ride jersey was here! I had to restrain myself from geeking out too badly - my first impulse was to fasten the rider card to my bike, slap on a sticker and try on the jersey - but I remained calm. (I did try on the jersey though.) Now all that is left for me to do, aside from ride my bike as much as possible in the next week is to get medical insurance and decide if I will stay in a hotel or in one of the provided tents. I feel somewhat guilty about tenting it as I know my snoring will probably keep up everybody around me. Oh, and making the arrangements for Holly to make the trip too - that is also yet to be done.

So: like the little tree? We left some dirt outside over the winter (mostly sand used for the paver stones) and I think a squirrel decided to bury a chestnut in it. Now we have this little sapling, growing like a weed.

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