Saturday, May 23, 2009

A week later and still, iHurt.

Looks pretty nasty, doesn't it?

I was actually surprised when I went into the hospital and they decided to x-ray my wrist instead of my elbow. I guess they were able to determine that the injuries to my elbow were tissue only and not bone, but weren't so sure about the wrist.

The good news is that despite the size of this bruise (possibly the biggest I have ever had) it really doesn't hurt much anymore. More than anything what I notice is a loss of strength in the arm but that is due to the combination of this bruise and the one on my thumb. Otherwise, the arm is healing nicely.

My hip continues to give me grief though. I have a bruise on it also, but my biggest complaint is that I pulled something on the inside of my thigh so while I can walk comfortably (and ride, luckily) I cannot run at all without pain. This is the biggest area of concern I have right now because while I can still train, another wipeout will only make things so much worse. I figured that much out this afternoon when Holly and I were rushing to get off a bus and I mis-stepped, forcing me to catch myself with my sore leg. I pulled it again a bit, and it took about an hour to get back to 'normal'.

Oh, and I thought I would add a photo of the accident site, as I saw it. I was attempting to turn left here when I had to stop (too suddenly) to avoid hitting the truck that came out from that tunnel. Oh and let me just say again, thanks to the driver for stopping and being so helpful. I really appreciated it.

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