Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Riding with back pain

For the record, suffering from mild to moderate back pain has been a lifelong affliction. This is nothing new to me and to be honest, I am surprised that I went a few months on the bike without any problems at all. My back pain is directly attributed to the fact that I have an office job and haven't really spent a day in my life strengthening my stomach muscles. Add to that one weekend of lifting the dog incorrectly (not bending my knees) and you find me complaining around the house and office about a sore back.

However when I was out riding this morning I noted that my back felt fine while on the bike. Being able to support my weight with my arms helped to take a load off my back and it actually felt good riding. Sure, my wrists got sore quicker but that was a small annoyance more than anything else, especially since this was just a short early morning ride and not a marathon session.

So I won't complain. At least not much, and not too loudly. It's still a joy for me to be able to ride like this and when I look at how much the people I know have donated for this cause, well it feels good. Thanks again to everyone who chipped in, you all helped to propel me to over fourteen hundred dollars raised for cancer research - and this is before the anonymous donor makes a donation large enough to match what is raised. Truly exciting, at least for me. I just hope I didn't pester you too much!

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