Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lost and Found

We were in the US on the weekend to drop off and retrieve some friends who were going to Vegas for a wedding. That's the short version and you will thank me later for only going with that one.

While there, I dropped my camera in my friend's car. This was much better than losing it while shopping in Bellingham, to be sure. So I fretted for a night until Bill was able to confirm that he did in fact have my camera. I now have it, and a pair of what looks to be swanky shot glasses from Vegas. One can never have too many shots...I mean too many shot glasses, right?

In other more tragic news, I recently lost a couple of friends to World of Warcraft. They started playing this week and so far things are all smiles and happiness but we all know how it goes. Within a couple weeks they will be 'tired' at work. Soon their chat avatars will be representations of their WOW character. It gets painful when they request being called by their character name outside of the game. Okay okay, I jest. Kevin, Michelle, have your fun, you know I'd play too if I wasn't worried about becoming exactly like the person just described.

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