Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just another working Saturday

Ah, the conveniences of technology. This morning when I got up, I wanted to know what kind of day I had in store for me, weather-wise. So I turned on my ipod and checked the weather. Nice! Today will be a comfortable 7 degrees. Still need a jacket and gloves, but still not a bad day at all.

Then for the fun part. I like to compare weather against where I know my family is, or where I am going to be soon. So I check Cancun, since I'll be pretty close to there in a short while. Today, it's 26 degrees with light clouds. That's what I like to see, hopefully I'll have a solid week of that.

Next up, I take a look at Moncton, NB since that is where my brother is. OH NO! it's already MINUS 13 degrees, snowing and forecasted to get even colder, to about -20 degrees centigrade. That's so cold that Louise can't go for walks anymore, that even a puff of wind will make your flesh freeze with the wind chill. That's downright miserable weather and knowing my brother is in it almost makes me giddy a little bit. It's one of those 'ha ha, wish you were here!' kind of moments. Conversely, I get grumpy when it's cold and rainy here and he's bathed in sunshine so I guess it's fair.


Derek said...

I bought Jane one of the 8gb touches, kinda hoping she wouldn't use it. No such luck, she uses it for weather, email, music, calendar...the works.
Connectivity is so cool, in the mall, at work or anywhere there's an open router!

iTripped said...

Yeah, I know. The damn thing is so useful. I find I use the home computer less and less now, unless I want to type up a lot of stuff, or play games. But for general browsing and stuff, I grab the ipod first.

Anonymous said...

bah! you techno gurus