Friday, June 22, 2007

Need a vacation

I have never left the North American continent before now. Soon that will change. Many of my friends are accomplished world travelers. For me, I did not have a desire to see the world until much later in life. So now that I find myself preparing to go to Germany, even if only for a single week, I have few points of reference.

Everybody mentions culture shock and predicts that I will have a lot of it. I have no way of really knowing before hand so I guess I will have to wait and see. All I know for sure right now is that everything is booked, but we somehow still have a lot of things to do. I have dreams at night that have a general theme of me forgetting something very important, but not remembering until it is too late.

This is pretty normal for me. My stress levels tend to build leading up to a trip, and somehow evaporate the moment I arrive at the airport - generally the moment when it becomes too late to return home to grab 'one more thing.'


iTripped said...

Well that was sudden. I was entering a keyword, hit enter and it completed the blog posting. Oh well, I should be getting things done.

Anonymous said...

First stop Europe... what is your next stop in your way of seeing the world? I will have to take you with me to the cradle of modern civilization one day! I think you know who I am ;)

iTripped said...

The next stop for us will be Eastern USA to visit family. After that, hopefully eastern Canada for more family, and then the Dominican Republic for another wedding.

After all that, assuming I can still afford all this travel, we would like to go to Japan next.