Monday, May 14, 2007

Pirate treasure in Halifax

One of the few things I miss about living in the Maritimes has got to be the food. Well, it would probably be closer to the truth to say that I really miss just a few dishes in particular. There is a whole lot of stuff available there that I have lost my taste for, and an even greater amount of things available here in Vancouver that I really could not get back east.

One of those things (other than lobster, which I can still get here) that I really do miss would be deep fried pepperoni. It is served as an appetizer in some pubs and we used to get it quite often while going out on the town in Halifax.

So on Saturday I found myself with some spare time between visits. I spent the later part of the day visiting many of my favorite spots in Halifax. I had several goals to accomplish: I wanted to visit my favorite park, I wanted to do a little gift shopping, and I desperately wanted to find a place that still served this dish. I had to inspect the menu on about a dozen places before I found a venue that still served it.

But it was worth it. Or, to say it in a more Nova Scotian way, 'Boy, I tell you - it was some good!'

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