Friday, January 26, 2007

What kind of car is this?

While walking to work today I noticed this little car in the parking lot. It has had some obvious custom work done to it, such as the overstated wing on the back and much to my chagrin, all the labels have been shaved off. So I have no idea what kind of car this is.

Can anyone help me identify this car?

I have a few other pictures so you can get different angles. My apologies for the chain link fence. The lot is part of a car dealership and they weren't open yet so I was stuck with taking my photos from the street.

Another thing to note is that this car is VERY SMALL. It makes a Miata look roomy. The red car behind it is one of those old Honda micro convertibles that were made before the S2000.

Please leave a comment here if you can help identify what kind of car this is.


Vegetapaul said...
it's a suzuki cappuccino?

Check it:

David said...

Yes! Thanks Paul, that answers the question.