Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The hunt is over

Or so I hope. We put an offer in on a condo in Vancouver, and managed to get it accepted. In realty speak, we still have to remove 'subjects' before it's a done deal, but it's as done as I need it to be for the moment. I'm not really going to talk much more about it here because if I have been talking to you recently, chances are I have already talked your ear off about it. Yeah, I'm a little excited.

I'm also a little tired. The whole search process was exhausting for me, and I am not sure why. I think it was because I was always aware of our 'March first' deadline. That is when we have to be out of our Vernon condo, so I felt some pressure to make sure we had a place secured for then in Vancouver. The more time that passed, the less likely it was looking like we would meet that target. If the lady selling us her condo is reading this, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ADJUSTING YOUR DATES. It means a lot to us, really. Heh. What are the odds that some stranger is reading this? Last I checked, I get about 35 hits a week. That tells me that aside from me, I might have about 10 people who casually look in to see what I'm up to.

Well keep watching, faithful readers. I'll be sure to post the details on the house warming party here. That way I'm guaranteed to have at least one or two people show up.

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