Monday, September 18, 2006

The return trip to Vernon

First of all, we made it in one piece. The weather wasn't too bad, so I was able to 'add my percentage' to the posted speed limit for most of the trip, which was kind of cool, since we were driving in our upgraded rental car. (Pontiac G6, for the curious) We were about two hours into the trip home when we realized we had my cousin's cell phone with us. The day before she had asked us to hold it for her as she didn't want to carry a heavy purse. She forgot to ask for it back, and well, we forgot to empty our pockets I guess. But still, nothing a visit to FedEx can't fix.

My buddy Kevin picked us up at the airport (that's where we rented the car from) and was kind enough to get Louise from the kennel along the way. We got the gear packed into his car, and were on our way home. All in all, it was a nice vacation and I'm glad we were able to get away. There were friends we were able to see, and friends we somehow didn't cross paths with - we'll try harder next time, for sure! Anyway, as for now, I think I am going to just enjoy a full night's sleep in my own bed.


scrpiron said...

Glad you had a chance to have a little vacation. You had octopus balls??! Megan and Connor would be horrified, they think Octos are cute. (was it rubbery?) I've had squid.
Hope all is well. We're fine, and the dog keeps growing.

scrpiron said...

Hey, did you see the remake of Privateer? Just do a search, it runs better than the original.

Anonymous said...

Sad day. Somebody set us up the bomb.