Thursday, September 14, 2006

Headed to the Coast

Once again I find myself rushing around in the early morning trying to get ready for a short trip set to begin tonight.

I love it.

Even though last night was spent cleaning litter boxes, doing laundry and dishes and other cleanup chores, I feel energized. I woke up a half hour before my alarm was due to go off - in part because Sophie or Sassy made some noise - but also in part because I was excited to start the day.

All of this enthusiasm, despite knowing I will spend today testing an import/export routine for accounting rules used by our application. It sounds was more fun than it actually is. What - didn't sound fun to you? Don't worry, it isn't. But I don't care. It is a good task for today.

Anyway, I have enough to do without adding more to this site. Have a good weekend - I'm hoping that I will.


toshiro said...

Hmm... I haven't seen you at all in IRC lately. Might be my reduced attendance. Are you doing fine?

toshiro said...

Eheh, well, a stupid question to ask, especially as comment to your post. Still. Any chance of seeing you online again?

iTripped said...

Hi Toshi,

I am still alive and doing well. I am just not at home to be on IRC right now, and our schedules are no longer lined up.

I pop into IRC rarely these days, but haven't forgotten the fine folks at Vendetta Online. I'll be back, no worries.