Monday, December 19, 2005

Lobsters for Christmas

So we got a couple lobsters this weekend, to be eaten over the holidays. So that meant a little preparation was in order. This photo was taken after they were cooked, but before they were shelled.

That's right, we didn't eat them immediately after cooking. We picked out the meat and froze it for now. Probably the day before we plan to eat them we will thaw them out (it's only a few days away) and eat creamed lobster. For those of you who aren't familiar with this dish, think of New England Clam Chowder, then remove all the veggie bits so you are left with the shellfish in a rich cream broth. Let the lobster flavour infuse into the cream overnight and serve over mashed potatoes or molasses brown bread, with side orders of things like carrots, corn, or other vegetables.

This is a traditional dish from the Atlantic provinces that started because many of the families were too poor to buy foodstuffs like beef or chicken, but had things like lobsters in abundance. Remember, most people made their living as fishermen in those parts. Even though lobsters were readily available, some families still had to make a little bit stretch between a lot of hungry mouths, which is why it was served over 'fillers' like potato or bread. But for me this holiday season, serving lobster this way is more of an opportunity to enjoy a taste of 'home.'

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wiwian said...

I was planning to make lobster bisque this year too, and then I got lazy :P

Merry Christmas, Dave (yeah, a bit late, but oh well :P)