Thursday, December 08, 2005

All you can eat ribs

So last night after doing some shopping, we decided to eat at Montana's cookhouse. I, of course, decided to have the all-you-can-eat-ribs since it was a Wednesday, and that is the Wednesday special.

Holy crap, they's got some good ribs there. I skipped breakfast this morning, and will probably have to go vegetarian for a week, but man was it worth it.

After about the third extra helping of ribs, one of the waiters asked me if I had a hollow leg. All I know for certain is that I might have ribs once or twice a year, so when I do, I like to eat 'em. My wife was thoroughly entertained which I suppose is good, since she doesn't eat beef or pork. It's okay though, because I got her a treat while we were at the mall. And yes, she also ate at the restaurant.

Montana's serves three types of ribs, with at least three different sauces. I had some pork back ribs (less fatty than side ribs) and a beef rib. I tried all of the sauces liked them all equally. I must say, the beef rib was monstrous in size. It comes as a single rib, instead of a rack of about eight pork ribs. I had the staff wrap the beef bone in foil, so I could bring it home for my dog. I really should try to get a picture of this little dog gnawing on a bone that is easily as long as she is. Well, it used to be - she's been at it for a while now.

If my mouth still waters at the thought of those ribs, does that make me a glutton?


gwilli said...

gluttony shmuttony.

the key is to eat until it really hurts, then you mightn't desire them as much.

we did the all-you-cat-eat-ribs at a Montana's in Halifax. it was painfully delicious. the best part about that night was the EverythingForADollar store nearby. we got a handheld multigame videogame unit, and it was only a dollar!! amazing.
or maybe the best part was trying to make cars drive backwards on a freeway after dinner, when a guy got his leg knowcked off by a car. I guess what I'm saying it that Montana's is always an adventure.

iTripped said...

Well I was struggling near the end, but did stop short of it actually hurting. In fact, I didn't really suffer much from it at all. Which is a little surprising, since I haven't exactly been training for this kind of event.

erinator said...

eating cold pork rib tips drowning in cold apple butter sauce is gross. lesson of that day: if you're a slow eater, only order half portions at a time!

lesson of the next day: going on a roadtrip with 2 guys who ate twice as much meat as me is a bad idea.

Colonel Colon said...

Mmm, I have to make a trip to Langley. Too bad about the server giving you guff, but it sounds like you're too smart to fall for the old shame-the-patron-so-we-don't-lose-too-much-money-on-the-all-you-can-eat-ribs ploy.

Have you ever been to Samba? It's the hap-happiest place for a carnivore. Surprisingly the best part isn't the ulimited quantity of different meats. The best part is the quality of each of the meats. I'd pay the $25 for a restaurant-sized portion of one of the meats. Fortunately you can keep your Go/Stop card on Go as long as you want, and the swordsmen will keep stopping by. Having to help peel your meat off the sword is the meaty cherry attop the protein sundae that is Samba's.

Next time you're in town we should all go.