Wednesday, August 10, 2005

When is over the hill, exactly?

As my thirty-fifth birthday approaches (or 'looms', as my wife likes to say, sounding all ominous and stuff) I have to ask: in today's day and age, when is it safe to say you are 'over the hill'? Life expectancy is now higher than seventy - probably closer to eighty. So does that mean the halfway point (ie. highest point on said 'hill') is now more like forty?

I know a lot of people who would object at me setting it so high.

I know a lot more people who would object at me setting it so low.

Like most people in my generation, I don't think I feel as old as I am. Maybe I'm immature, or maybe I got a late start at things because I wasted so much time early in my life. (Who am I kidding? I still waste lots of time! I have a blog, right?) Maybe I would feel older if I had kids by now. If that's the case, sterilize me now. Anyway, I don't have any answers to this one, so feel free to offer up any advice or opinions.


K.A said...

Well.. get some kids so us younger and more virile people can send them loud toys and learn 'em some decent foreign vocabulary that'll make tourists from six countries blush.

Jokes aside, I think age is less relevant since people don't bother making it as relevant anymore. You're yakking with people aged 15 and up on the net, eh? Ever think much about the age diff?

Me neither.

K.A said...
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