Friday, August 26, 2005

Thirty Five

Thirty Five
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Let me just say I'm one of those people who enjoy birthdays. I tell people, I'm not embarrassed about my age (even though I don't always act it) and I enjoy the extra attention.

I also enjoy the free stuff. Note the meal in the picture. Yup, free on your birthday.* Thank you, Kelly O'Bryan's. It sure was tasty.

Hey speaking of restaurants, last night's waiter looked like Topher Grace from That Seventies Show. No seriously, he was a dead ringer. So the whole night, I'm wanting to say something to him, but my wife insists I don't. Despite hoisting a couple Guinness during the meal, I somehow managed to not say anything. Then later we discover that our waiter Brynn is headed to North Carolina to study acting. My head nearly exploded. Acting? Surely Brynn is aware of the resemblance. Somehow, Holly was able to get me out of the restaurant before I had an opportunity to say anything.

So thank you honey for taking me out for the night. I had a really good time and was happy to spend it with you.

* - not actually 100% free. Kelly O's gives a free birthday meal, up to a value of $17.00. So more like heavily discounted.


scrpiron said...

Happy birthday Dave, I hope it was a good one. I wasn't able to call due to weddings, funeral for a friend, and convention, but God bless, and keep your stick on the ice.

K.A said...

Nice picture, but who's the guy sitting behind you when you're lying there on the plate?