Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Taser Graffiti Controversy

So in my last post I displayed some local graffiti and just the other day I noticed that it was painted over. Not everybody appreciates art as social commentary I guess. For my part, I thought it was timely given the still-unfolding situation with the man who was killed by police at the Vancouver Airport by taser last year.

Undeterred, the unknown artist has found other methods of expression that are less likely to be covered up.

I'm just glad I noticed it.

This is also the time of year when Vancouver is filled with cherry blossoms. Some streets bloom earlier than others, but I tend to watch for the Burrard Skytrain station as it is filled with these trees. It is in full bloom now and was looking pretty good.

Oh, and Vancouver's new convention center finally opened. I get a pretty good look at that just about every day - at least the days I go biking or walk the dog along the sea wall in Coal Harbour. They had an open house that lasted two days and about 64,000 people dropped in to check it out. I like the grass roof but haven't figured out if that will be accessible to the public or not, as the sea wall around it is still under construction. Note that some of it is still dirt and not yet covered in sod. I wonder how big of a sprinkler system they have to keep it green.

Also, that white dome thing has been missing for the last day or two so I don't know if it is out for repairs, or not normally part of the building.

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