Sunday, April 12, 2009

Over $1000 Raised for Cancer!

I recently passed an important milestone with my Ride to Conquer Cancer - I have raised over $1,000! This is not counting the anonymous donor who has pledged to match the first $2,500 I raise. This puts me right on track to meet my fund raising goals before May 20th, which is roughly the cutoff date before the ride.

The other day I was talking to Tommy about my riding and when I told him how far I rode that day his response was 'Holy crap, that's like going to Richmond and back!' So I thought about it, mapped it out and was surprised to see how close Richmond really was. So this weekend, I set out to ride across Vancouver.

I didn't go all the way into Richmond but did go down to the park on Fraser River so it would have been a simple ride across the bridge to get there. I decided to ride around this part of town instead as we used to live here about five years ago now. The pink building pictured here is the spot we rented in - our place was on the bottom floor, hidden by the shrubberies and fence.

I used to go for a walk in the park by the river almost daily back then, and spent a fair amount of time bird watching. So it was a bit nostalgic to revisit the same place and find it relatively unchanged. It's still a great place to take dogs for a good run along the beach or to play fetch on the field.

On the way back I took the Granville Street bridge back into Downtown, which was kind of fun since it's all downhill from Broadway. Of course, I had to come to a stop to get into the pedestrian lane as I didn't feel like getting run over that day. As usual, the views from the height of the bridge were fantastic, and make me wish for a camera better equipped to capture what I see.

Back to the Ride to Conquer Cancer website for a minute: For those of you who chose to donate by using the mail in form, the donations DO get processed, it just seems to take quite a while before your name appears on the website. I have at least one person's name on my web page now that I know used the mail in form. So keep the donations coming, feel free to send people you may know to this website, or the one linked to from the Ride to Conquer Cancer logo in the right column here. Your donations do make a difference - a big one.

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