Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Beer for Everyone!

The day is almost done so I better hurry up and post this. It's Saint Pat's day afterall. Last night I left the office rather late as we were working to release some new software (it's what we do, really.) As I got out at the Burrard Street station I happened to notice this sculpture of a painted eagle that I had never taken notice of before then.

The city is filled with these little 'green pockets' for people to relax in, especially downtown. It makes for a much nicer environment, in my mind.

I went for another spin around Stanley Park again this morning (speaking of green pockets) and happened to leave earlier than previous times. It was very dark - at some points I found myself wishing for some lights to see where to go, or at least when to steer to avoid the potholes. Also, my legs felt like lead today, with all the strength gone from them. I guess things are slowly starting to take their toll. My plan for tonight is to have some green beer and get to bed earlier than most nights to see if that helps.

One thing that has seemed to be helping is the energy bars that Holly has been making for me. Not only do they taste great, they have been a reliable source of energy while riding. Just like the store bought stuff without the packaging, preservatives and sugars. Thanks hon!

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