Sunday, September 07, 2008

Resetting Patio Tiles

Last weekend I had a setback with my patio and had to lift up the pavers I had set down, to redo the job with more care. This seems to be a trend with me and home projects. When we were in Vernon we lifted up the carpets and put in laminate flooring throughout the place. We were about half way done then when we realized we had to undo and redo the job in order to straighten out the tiles. 

I wasn't pleased then. I wasn't pleased this time either.

But I will say that having spent this weekend restarting the job, things are looking much better. Or more specifically, the tiles are more in line with each other and closer to level (but with a slight grade for rain runoff.) I didn't take a photo of my progress so far because in general things always look a lot worse than they are until the job is done. It's just how it is. Don't believe me? Take haircuts as an example. It's not quite right until the hairdresser is done.

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