Sunday, August 06, 2006

For haircuts, pay more to cut less

I went to my barber for a haircut. It was time, I needed one. Unfortunately, on the day I went, my usual barber was closed. As it happens, there is another barber just a couple blocks away from where I normally go, so I decided (against better judgement) to try him out. At least he was open on a Saturday.

He was a grumpy man who liked to complain that cutting hair for a living was the worst possible thing in the world to be doing. But his rates were cheap, so I (against better judgement) decided to go for it. After all, I would only have to listen to him for about half an hour, right?

Lately I have been getting my hair cut so that the length on top is a little more than an inch, and shaved pretty close on the sides and back. This barber's interpretation of that was to take it down to a quarter inch off my scalp pretty much everywhere except the little piece on the very front. It doesn't look 'bad', but at the same time, it wasn't what I asked for.

One thing I have noticed with it this short though, is I get a pretty good look at which parts are turning grey (or white) faster than others. It makes parts of the top of my head look like they are balding (I'll be in denial on any evidence supporting that theory for quite some time yet) because of the hair colour. I figure things should be back to normal in a few weeks, just in time for my birthday.


toshiro said...

I cut my hair myself, to a very short 2-5 mm above scalp level. Since you cut it pretty short yourself, why not save the trip to the barber's altogether and buy one of those sheep shearers? ;)

iTripped said...

Actually, my intention was to keep it about 3 cm in length, but this barber had other ideas.

I suppose if I planned to keep it this short, my wife would be only too happy to use the sheep shearers on me.