Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Got out before the snow arrives

Temp: -2 deg
Precip: none
Listening to: Kevin Pollak's Chat show
A brisk, cold ride this morning. Did a single lap around Stanley Park and found I had to pull my fingers out of my gloves and make fists to prevent frostbite. One thing that was nice was there was no wind. The water was like glass in the marina, reflecting back the city lights perfectly.

Again with the brakes, I really should not have put off adjusting them as long as I did. It feels like a brand new bike again. On today's ride I really needed them too, as the far side of Stanley Park was pretty icy. This is normal, given the amount of runoff that comes off the cliffs.

Oh yeah, on yesterday's ride I was interrupted briefly by a family of sea otters as they crossed the sea wall into their home under a tree. Pretty cool, and it happened too fast for me to get out my camera (it's usually in a pocket 2 or 3 layers deep).


Shawn said...

Sounds like a nice ride. I hear you're about to be lambbasted with snow...well had to happen sooner or later.

iTripped said...

I would hardly call it a lambasting - more like a soggy sprinkling. By the time you read this I suspect the rain will have washed it all away. Made for a wet commute though.