Friday, April 02, 2010

Windy, Wet and Undaunted

Dallas and I had been planning this ride for about a week. One would think that one of us would have checked a weather forecast sometime before today, but apparently we are men. I happened to be out walking the dog earlier today and that's when I grabbed the above video, which I shot because the boats were bobbing like corks in the water. At that time I sent a text message to Dallas advising him to dress warmly. He responded with a comment about how nasty it was looking outside.

I had to preemptively play the wuss card, sending him another text asking if he was going to wimp out or not. To his credit, that was all Dallas needed to commit to this adventure. Let me explain: Dallas is registered to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer this year, and this was a training ride.

We set out at a relaxed pace headed toward Stanley Park. Both of us were slightly bothered by the rain - within the first three minutes Dallas noted that my bike actually had fenders on it and how nice that must be. Not being known for social tact, I agreed, and continued the rain gear talk while Dallas continued to get wetter and wetter. We hadn't yet arrived at the park.

Arriving at the park exposed us to the wind that has been the talk of the town today. We heard it before we felt it as it howled past the boats in the marina, advising us that once we rounded the next corner, it would be against us. We pushed onward until reaching the lighthouse, at which point our direction changed. Maybe it was my imagination but it definitely seemed like the wind lessened at that point too as if refusing to help us along.

Instead of continuing along the seawall we decided to take to the road and climb to Prospect Point. At the top we rested a bit, hoping the rain would subside (it didn't). We continued on like this for the rest of the ride, heading out of the park and along False Creek to Science World. From there we doubled back along the Kitsilano side of the creek, crossing the Cambie bridge back into downtown.

Some of you have been asking if I will be doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer this year. I'm not. But when I get the link to Dallas' donation page I'll put it up here in case you would like to help him reach his donation goals.


Dallas said...

That was a good ride, even though the weather was so crappy. I'd gladly do it all over again.

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