Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Virtual Heat Wave

Vancouver is finally into the negative temperatures and if anyone noticed, it certainly was our pets. Our first pet, Sophie, is such a heat-hog that she will go out of her way to position herself in front of the heaters we have around the house.

Yes that's right, we find it is way cheaper to use plain old space heaters instead of the baseboards. Besides, our condo is barely 600 sqft so it's very easy to heat such a small area.

Anyway, Sophie will contort and stretch herself beyond what would be considered reasonable, or at least comfortable just to get better access to the heat. She's like this in the summer too, sitting in the sun just baking, reveling in the hotness. While our other pets enjoy being warm, none are quite as hardcore about it as Sophie.

1 comment:

Shawn said...

Huh! that's funny. Remember the cats in the old house in Timberlea sitting on the heat registers. Mom called them "Heat hogs" as I remember.
Pics are coming soon of my snazzy yellow ATV