Thursday, February 02, 2006

New tool to use with Flickr - SPELL

ITRrisign - euro car parksno ParkingNOLA alphabet EOne Letter / D
So I stumbled across a handy little flickr tool, which gave me the above series of photos. You can enter in your own text and get associated flickr images for each letter. It's random, so if you don't like the first selection, feel free to do it again.

I'm sure some genius is going to figure out how to insert this into my banner so that it's different every time the page is loaded. Yes, I would be indebted to such a person, and yes, I'm too lazy to spend much time figuring it out on my own.

So thanks to the Jeep's unilateral decision to blow a piston, I'm now commuting to work by bus. Which I thought I would really hate, but as it turns out I don't really mind at all. Although I must remember to bring my headphones so I can at least listen to music during my travels. While the bus schedule around here is good for me going to work, the last run stops at about 6:00 PM, which is really early in my opinion. At least I can get a monthly pass instead of paying $2.00 per trip.

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